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Beirut explosions: sixteen arrested, yesterday clashes between police and demonstrators

Beirut explosions: sixteen arrested, yesterday clashes between police and demonstrators

Hassan Koraytem, the director-general of the port of Beirut, is also among the 16 people under arrest following the devastating explosion on Tuesday in the Lebanese capital. More than 18 individuals have been interrogatedas for now, including officials from the Port of Beirut, Customs Department and employees at the Warehouse 12, where more than 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored. Meanwhile, the research continues among the rubble. According to the Lebanese Red Cross, about a hundred people are still missing.

At work, in the port area, there are rescuers and soldiers, bulldozers, and cranes.”We are doing everything possible because we believe there may still be people trapped under the rubble, but so far, we have only found the remains of unrecognizable bodies,” one of the rescuers said.

They have been working non-stop for 48 hours. And then he admitted: “Some foreign countries are sending aid, but it may still be too late for those trapped under the rubble.”

Relatives of the missing continue to hope near the place of the explosion, off-limits since Tuesday. And in the meantime, the anger grows. “This government is a failure!” Someone shouts after the last night’s protests in the heart of Beirut.

The Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah’s chief, Hasan Nasrallah, will speak on tv this afternoon. Al-Manar TV announced yesterday. The speech of the number one of the Party of God, previously scheduled for Wednesday but postponed due to the devastating explosion, is in a program for 5.30 pm local time.

The dramatic outcome of the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut on Tuesday continues to rise: 157 dead and over 5 thousand injured, according to Lebanese authorities. There are 300,000 displaced persons. Meanwhile, the port authorities in Tripoli said they are ready to replace the one in Beirut. A violent anti-government protest broke out last night in Beirut in the Parliament area.

The BBC reports clashes between “dozens” of demonstrators and police, which fired tear gas to disperse protesters who took to the streets to denounce misrule following the blast on Tuesday.

The number of Filipinos who lost their lives in the double explosion rose to four, while 31 others were injured. Deputy Foreign Minister Sarah Arriola said, expressing her sadness for the latest developments. “The toll worsens as our embassy staff work to verify the conditions of Filipinos living in its jurisdiction,” she explained.

The consul of Manila in Beirut, Ajeet Panemanglor, stated that two other Filipinos are in serious condition and are currently receiving medical care at Rizk hospital in Beirut. Another Filipino who works as a domestic in Lebanon is missing.

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