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Libyan journalists missing since May 2

libya journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists is gravely worried about the safety of Mohamed al-Qurj and Mohamed al-Shibani, Libyan journalists with Qatar-based private television broadcaster Libya Alahrar, who disappeared on May 2. Libya Alahrar lost contact with al-Qurj, a reporter, and al-Shibani, a photographer when the journalists were covering clashes in …

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Russian missiles buy risky for Turkey

russian s-400 missiles

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken the case for buying the Russian S-400 missiles directly to his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump in the last ditch effort to a minimum of softening any sanctions, but there is a very high risk the U.S. measures could plunge Turkey into renewed economic …

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Iran’s Human Rights Violations in April

human rights

In April, at least 27 people were executed, including 17-year-old cousins ​​Mehdi Sohrabifar and Amin Sedaghat. Young people were executed in Shiraz after Amnesty International called den unfair trial on April 25th, which led to anger against human rights defenders and the United Nations; children. Amnesty International said that the …

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Bolton aims to frighten Iran

joseph gerson

Joseph Gerson, President of the Peace Disarmament and Joint Security Campaign, expressed his words in an interview about IRNA. In response to a question from US National Security Advisor John R. Bolton about deploying the US aircraft carrier Lincoln to the Persian Gulf, Gerson said: ‘This was total nonsense. Abraham …

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Iraq’s Militias, Accused of Threatening U.S.


When the United States claimed this week that American forces in Iraq confronted threats from Iranian “proxies,” it had been talking about the armed groups that helped fight the Islamic State and have bedeviled Iraq ever since. The Iraqi armed groups, some with ties to Iran, have a footprint in …

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Israel Aggravates Gaza Violence

gaza city

According to analysts, the 48-hour military exchange between Israel and the Gaza Strip-based armed factions experienced a deep diplomatic division between Israel and the Turkish government. During the confrontation, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fired 700 rockets into Israel, shooting about 320 targets in the Palestinian settlement. In particular, one of …

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Hamas, Islamic Jihad Celebrates Again ‘Victory’

ismail haniyeh

According to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, this time he received assurances from Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations that Israel would fulfill its obligations within the framework of previous understandings. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad officials consider the cease-fire agreement signed with Israel early Monday as “a great success.” In …

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In Mogadishu, Somalia arrests 4 al-Shabab militants


Somali defense forces apprehended four al-Shabab militants in an operation conducted last week in the capital, Mogadishu, officials claimed. Zakia Hussein Ahmed, deputy police commander, claimed the arrests were made in an offensive conducted in two different districts in the capital. “Our forces detained on May 1 two militants who …

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Pro-Syrian regime forces and Iran-backed militias sweep Syria-Iraq border for ISIS cells

syrian national defense Forces

Pro-Syrian regime forces are carrying out a joint operation with Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units), sweeping Syria’s eastern desert near the Iraq border for ISIS cells, multiple sources told The Defense Post. The operation brought together units from Syria’s National Defense Forces militias, Syrian Arab Army regulars, Lebanese Hezbollah, …

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Turkey : Two Troopers martyred in SE Sirnak province.


Two Turkish soldiers were martyred during a clash with terrorists in southeastern Sirnak province on Sunday, the Defense Ministry stated in a statement. The statement included that air-supported operations in the area are ongoing. On Saturday, three Turkish troopers were also martyred and one was wounded while PKK terrorists in …

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In Somalia, US Air Raid Kills 16 Al Shabaab

air raid

Somali armed forces claim US military has carried out deadly airstrikes focusing on Al Shabaab near major rebel stronghold south of Somalia. Radio Risaala, quoting a military official, who asked to be anonymous, reported 16 al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab fighters were killed in a double air strike carried out …

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In Kenya, Somalia’s Al Shabab Attacks

somalia armed

Somali armed group al Shabaab stated to have made an attack on a police station near Mandera, a town close to Kenyan border along Somalia. The attack triggered heavy fighting between Al Shabaab and then Kenyan police forces as heavy weaponries could be heard through Mandera town. The al Qaeda …

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