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An avid reader and news tracker, Rashmi Sacher has worked in an editorial capacity for almost a decade in organisations such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, Cambridge University Press, and Google India. A university topper in Economics, she keeps an eye on the Middle East and the business world and when not working lives to watch films and documentaries.

Australian Federal Imams, extended Muslim Brotherhood wing, employ women as a propaganda tool

Muslim Brotherhood wing, employ women as pro-paganda tool

On Sunday, March 1, 2020, the Australian Federal Imams Council (ANIC), an extended wing of the Muslim Brotherhood held its 13th General Assembly meeting at the Imams Of-fice in the state of Victoria – Melbourne. The meeting, chaired by the Council’s President, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, was attended by Chairmen and …

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Germany confirms General Haftar agrees for ceasefire talks to end the decade-long crisis in Libya

Germany confirms General Haftar agrees for ceasefire talks to end decade-long crisis in Libya

On Thursday, Germany confirmed Libyan warlord General Khalif Haftar’s, who has been leading Libyan National Army (LNA), readiness to hold ceasefire talks to restore peace and de-escalate the almost decade-long crisis in the African country. German foreign minister Heiko Maas after holding talks in Benghazi, tweeted, “During my visit to …

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Libyan crisis turn worse, Pentagon warns of ISIS resurgence amid rising conflict between Haftar and Sarraj

Libyan crisis turn worse, Pentagon warns of ISIS resurgence amid rising conflict between Haftar and Sarraj

Pentagon confirmed a ‘small’ resurgence in the number of Islamic State fighters in Libya. Pentagon official, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Paul Selva told Al-Monitor that the revival of IS forces surfaced lately since the forces led by Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar began its march westward to …

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Qatar partners with the Taliban under the grab of mediation and conflict resolution

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani

The Afghan militant group shares a special place in the heart and land of Qatari Emir. The decade long bond between the two is based on the foundation of strong political, financial and ideological connection. Starting with political, Qatar houses the political office of the Taliban. It all began back …

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Muslim Brotherhood threatens unification of Yemen

Yemen terrorism

Year after year Yemen civil war has been turning aggressive, with multiple terrorist groups brooding on its ground,  trying to take over the center stage. The nation today is in tatters with different parts governed by different groups ranging from Iran-backed Houthis, Turkey-backed Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar-backed ISIS, UAE-backed Southern separatists …

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US think tank raises concern over Qatar’s increasing ties with Iran and Islamic extremists


US non-profit think tank, Hudson Institute, organised an event, to hold discussion over “Countering Violent Extremism: Qatar, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood”. The talk included senior members of the US Congress, retired officials from previous Republican and Democratic administrations, and several scholars and analysts from other think tanks in Washington. …

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Qatari terror balancing act: Supporting counter-terrorism even while housing terrorist


The small, gas-rich nation has been at odds with its neighbors for financing, and sheltering extremists belonging to terror outfits like the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, etc. The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaradawi, stays in Qatar and propagate the state-run media house Al Jazeera. Qatar also reportedly …

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Qatar proves irrelevance of UN


Wall Street Journal’s recent report revealed how the UN is failing to tide global challenges like terrorism and how immaterial UN sanctions have become. An example of it got unveiled by WSJ report which mentioned that the UN granted permission to Khalifa al-Subaiy to receive a monthly allowance of up …

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