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Somalia: Farmajo drowned in public questions


Mogadishu, September 27, 2020; The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, hosted a panel discussion organized by the Raas Institute for Political Analysis, highlighting the government’s efforts to hold elections that reflect progress and democracy in the country. In the case of elections, an agreement was …

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Somalia: New PM Pledges 8 Points and Recommendations.


The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble has promised to form a new Cabinet as soon as possible, underlining eight things he will do for the rest of his term.The Federal Parliament of Somalia has today unanimously approved the new Prime Minister appointed by President …

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Somalia: Kenyan Cargo plane Crashes at Mogadishu Airport


Saturday, 19 Sep 2020, A Kenyan cargo plane has crashed at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport this morning. The plane was carrying cargo to Beledweyne, but returned to Mogadishu when it crashed, with four people on board. The plane, owned by Silverstone Air Service, took off from Mogadishu International Airport …

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Israel-Palestine Conflict and the Arabs.


The politics of the Arab world will have a different face than in this century. In the past, the politics of the Arab world were based on religious alliances, which ruled out any agreement that was contrary to Islam. But over the last 40 years of the last century and …

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Qatar Funded Hezbollah In Thick Of Covid Fight


While the world is still trying to come to grips with the silent devastation done by the corona pandemic, Qatar continues to shamelessly fund terrorism. In a recent revelation, it has been confirmed that Qatar is now funding the sanctioned terrorist group Hezbollah through gold trade in Uganda. It has …

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The Role of Foreign Countries in Terrorism in Somalia


Since the ouster of the Islamic Courts militants in Mogadishu, al-Shabaab terrorist power has emerged in Somalia. For more than 14 years, the biggest threat in Somalia has been Al Shabaab. This extremist group has had a significant impact on Somali governance, economy, believes and the general stability. Al Shabaab …

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America Signs Enhanced Immunity Agreement With Morocco


Morocco is being supported by the US over immunity grants to its citizens. Signing off an agreement over a video teleconference, the agreement was signed by Moroccan foreign minister Naseer Bourita and the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. According to the bilateral Enhanced Immunities Agreement, each party shall grant …

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