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Coronavirus lockdown could fuel terrorist radicalization


Coronavirus lockdowns could radicalize more terror suspects, the EU’s police agency “Europol” warned ON June 23rd. Europol director Catherine De Bolle said as she unveiled the organisation’s latest terrorism trends report that the pandemic’s worldwide economic and social impacts could escalate existing discontent.“Activists both on the extreme left and right …

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What Erdogan wants from Libya

Khalifa Haftar

Turkey changed the course of the war in Libya. But it didn’t do it for free. Two years back, General Khalifa Haftar-led eastern forces had made it to the suburbs of Tripoli, threatening the last stronghold of the Government of National Accord. There the both sides, who have been fighting …

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Iran Might Receive Decade Long Arms Embargo


While the world is still recovering from the insecurities of functioning within the threat of Covid-19 lurking in the shadows, there is scare over a renewed threat of an arms race in the Middle East. Bringing the worry to the forefront is the United States and the Saudi governments that …

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Tunisians protest for more jobs, development


The protests have been spreading across southern Tunisia, where unemployment levels are high and infrastructure is poor. In Tataouine, the heart of Tunisia’s petroleum wealth, no one considers themselves properly employed unless they are in the lucrative oil & gas sector. But those jobs are scarce and the wealth from …

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Reading stabbing: Libyan suspect was a member of GNA


A mass stabbing that left three people dead in a Reading park in the United Kingdom was a terror attack, police have confirmed.The Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE) unit has taken over the investigation as the suspect Khairi Saadallah, a Libyan, 25 years old, remains in custody. According to …

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Lebanon Jams Food Aid Route For Syrian Refugees


The United Nations has refuted any claims to withdrawing support or winding up operations in Lebanon. It has termed discussions over social media about UN asking its employees to ready their passports are speculative as well. Strangely, and for the first time since 2011, two World Food Programme (WFP) trucks …

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