Around 100 7-Eleven Stores Raided: Trump Administration Claims it to be Just the Beginning

The Federal immigration agents raided around hundred 7-Eleven stores throughout the nation. This kind of search operation to identify the undocumented workers had never been conducted before. There are high possibilities of large-scale compliance inspections this year. The compliance inspections will be conducted on all companies irrespective of their size.

Opinion of the Parent Company

The parent company of the raided markets, Irving, confirmed that they were aware of the sweep and that their franchises were independent business owners. The franchises were responsible for the recruitment and checking whether the workers were eligible to work in the United States. The raid on Wednesday is considered to be the largest single-operation conducted by ICE, under President Donald Trump, against the employers.

Result of the Raid

The 7-Eleven stores which were raided by ICE need to provide the documents which proved that they had the required work authorization. Around twenty-one people were arrested from Delaware, Colorado, California, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, Texas, Oregon and Washington.

Enforcement of New Law

ICE will also be sending a strong message to the employers so that they hire only the documented workers. The new law will be enforced by the ICE and the people who are accused of breaking the law will be held accountable. The businesses which are recruiting illegal workers are helping illegal immigration. ICE is working hard to protect the jobs for the American nationals by eliminating the unfair competition.

It was quite expected that this kind of investigations would be conducted under the presidency of Trump. The employers have been asked to comply to the law and strict measures like criminal investigations will be conducted against the employers who do not abide by the law.

Strict Immigration Enforcement in USA

The Trump administration is following the immigration enforcement policy sternly. The ICE arrests of the suspected undocumented immigrants have increased drastically. The Federal immigration agencies have received the green signal from the administration to arrest anyone who is suspected to have entered the country illegally.

This move was conducted right after the U.S. District Judge had blocked the Trump administration appeal to end the protection of the children who had been brought illegally to the country by their parents.


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