Armed Men Kidnaps 70 Children from School in Cameroon

On 5th November, armed men kidnapped 79 children from a school in western Cameroon, as reported by a local pastor. The local pastor mentioned that separatist militias were guilty of conducting this activity.
The kidnapping happened before dawn in the city of Bamenda, the English speaking Northwest region.
According to military and government sources, the children, their principal, and driver were taken outside the town. The army has already started the search operation.
Curfews have been enforced by the Anglophone extremist and schools were closed down as a part of the demonstration against the Paua Biya’s French-speaking government and its anticipated diminishing of the English-speaking minority. A separatist spokesman refuted their involvement in this matter.
A total number of 81 people were kidnapped, which includes the school principal. A military source stated that they were taken near a bush. The spokesperson accepted the report of abduction but refused to comment on the total number of a kidnapped person. He assumes that the kidnapping is likely being carried by the extremist group. On the other hand, the extremist charged the government soldiers.
Samuel Fonki, a clergyperson for the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon stated that he is looking forward so that the children get released. He added that he was instructed to close down the school and a ransom was demanded from him.
The movement of the separatist group gained momentum in 2017 after a government suppression on the peaceful demonstration. One of the original grievances was that the French-speaking teachers were being stationed in English speaking schools in the Southwest and Northwest regions.


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