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Arab Muslim Community On The Receiving End In Floyd War In America

Arab Muslim Community On The Receiving End In Floyd War In America

The unfortunate aftermath of the riots in the United States protesting the death of an African American citizen, is that it has ruined the business of Arab nationals residing in such cities. Most stored owned by immigrants have been destroyed in clashes amongst angry mobs and police personnel. Besides, reeling under fear of the corona virus pandemic, such loss of property has exasperated their mental anguish.

Most Arab Americans are running small business establishments in various cities on the United States. This also includes the Muslim community of immigrants residing in the US. It is confirmed that some of these protestors have dubiously used the silent protests to torch and vandalize stores owned by Muslim or Arab American nationals.

There are also confirmed reports that most of these crimes of vandalism have been fueled through misrepresented news that has been doing rounds on social media and created a huge unrest amongst young American and African American population in the US. Protesters have indulged in burning vehicles, smashing windows, defacing buildings and clashing with the police.

Those affected includes Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Denver, Salt Lake City, Nashville and Minneapolis imposed curfews while the governors of Minnesota, Georgia, Ohio, Washington and Kentucky mobilized their states’ National Guards.

The African American individual was George Floyd who perished in police custody. Strangely so, his family had pleaded for no public outrage or violence. Yet, as soon as the news of his death got out, rioting and looting began immediately thereafter. It seemed to have become a motive to go and commit mass crimes under the guise of mass protests.

It is being reported through investigative journalists that some miscreants are using this incident as an opportunity to create mass unrest in the country. It is therefore no wonder that many Americans now view the destruction of public and private property as a dishonor to Floyd’s memory and a setback to the common cause of ending anti-black racism and police brutality.

Unfortunately for them, many of the Muslim and Arab American stores are situated in places with thick black populations. While the activists associated with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement have not publicly targeted Arab American or Muslim-owned stores, the latter have been on the receiving end. Many of them have established shop in America, when the black community happily welcomed them in the 1950s. Since then, both communities have supported each other due to having faced similar instances of racial biases.

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