Apps to Enhance Your Productivity

If the working day is being spoiled by admin errors and distractions, you can try out the following apps for improving your time management skills, focus, and output.


You might get some important emails at an inconvenient time. Boomerang is known to be plugin for Outlook, Gmail, and Android which allows you to dismiss the message temporarily from the inbox. However, it reappears after some days or hours when you have enough time to deal with it. In fact, you have the option to pause the inbox totally. This will suspend the torrent of interruptions when you are busy and the outgoing messages are sent at a scheduled time.


Doodle is a useful mobile app and website. It will take the hassle out of scheduling events and meetings. The idea is pretty simple. As a matter of fact of fact, it will set you up with wide range of potential times and dates.  Thereafter, the invitees will drop on the website and tick on the choices which they feel is going to work for them. Moreover, you will be able to see the people who are available. Since, the recipients doesn’t have to create an account in Doodle, it is absolutely friction-free.


FocusList is much more than a simple to-do list for macOS and iOS. It helps in planning the day and dividing it into the series of work that you do every day.  When you start working on the countdown, you will see a timer. This will encourage you to follow the 25-minute session along with 5-minutes break in-between.  This will help in keeping your brain productive and fresh. Hence, at the end of the day, you will be able to review how much time you have spent for each of the tasks. This way you can track your productivity.


FocusWriter is the word processor for macOS, Linux, and Windows which will help in keeping the distractions to a minimum. Hence, you will be able to focus on your work.  The main screen just contains your text.  Menus and controls are tucked away from the screen edges. The word-count function and spell-checking are in-built. In fact, there is a timer which will help you to stay on schedule. You can save the file in the form of industry-standard plain text.


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