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Amnesty report reveals ill-treatment and delayed wages to imported laborers in Qatar ahead of 2022 FIFA world cup

Qatar has hired over hundreds of thousands of overseas workers for the 2022 FIFA world cup tournament with 7 new stadiums under construction and according to Amnesty, the workers are constantly being ill-treated ignoring their promises of bettering workers’ rights prior to the 2022 World Cup.

A recent report by the human rights group revealed that thousands of workers remain unpaid. It also mentioned that even the new commission established to protect and improve the rights of workers is facing massive failure in doing so.

Amnesty appealed the concerned dignitaries to look into the matter and “ end the disgraceful reality of labour exploitation.”

Stephen Cockburn, Amnesty International’s deputy director of global issues expressed concern over the issue saying, Despite the notable promises made by Qatar to bring about reforms ahead of 2022 World Cup, it remains a playground for unprincipled employers.”

He added, “ Migrant employees frequently travel to Qatar hoping for the betterment of lives of their families but numerous are forced to return home impoverished after months of efforts to collect their wages with very little or no cooperation from the system that is supposed to guide and protect them.”

Central point of Amnesty’s research formed not in direct relation to the World Cup.

The authorities of Qatar had introduced new laws to make workers’ rights better with signing a deal with the United Nations’ International Labour Organization in November 2017.

The reforms included ending labour sponsorship system that pushed overseas workers to take their employer’s consent for changing their job or leaving the country. The new legislation also launched a temporary minimum wage and started workers’ insurance fund with committees to look into matters of discourse.

Nevertheless, Amnesty’s recent report reveals that numerous overseas workers employed by three constant and cleaning companies were pressed to leave without being paid.

In response to the report by Amnesty, the world football governing body FIFA said that they see “World cup workers’ rights very seriously” and in coordination with its human rights policy.

A statement by FIFA mentioned that “We would like to note that as confirmed by Amnesty International, the report does not involve world cup sites. The Supreme Committee for Delivery and legacy has also given consent that the contractors referred to in the report have never been involved in World Cup projects in Qatar.”

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