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America Moves Closer To Syrian Oil Reserves

America Moves Closer To Syrian Oil Reserves

The Syrian oil fields are on everyone’s radar. But the US has moved ahead with specific strategy in mind. According to confirmed reports shared by CNN, a secretive report has finally been signed by the Trump administration bringing in a private company to develop and modernize the oil fields in northeastern Syria under control of the US backed Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces.

This has been a contract in works for the last one year but was not signed off up until now, somewhat because of the Covid-19 situation. The most significant part of the deal is that none of the billions of dollars to be made from the deal will be shared with the Assad government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

According to the Assad regime, the deal should be treated as null and void and it has no legal basis and does not include the legitimate government to be a part of it. The contract has been given to a little known American firm Delta Crescent Energy.

This firm has been co-founded by James Cain, a former US Ambassador to Denmark during the George W. Bush administration and could explain as to why the company has been chosen by Trump administration to undertake the task. Trump is known to use and accommodate people he considers as his closest allies and who know how to tow-the-line and not create any ripples.

Additionally, Cain’s two other partners in the company includes James Reese, a retired Delta Force Army officer who used to run his own private security firm, and John Dorrier, a veteran oil executive with years of experience operating in the Middle East.

It has been a known fact that Trump administration withdrew support from Syria in late 2019 but preferred to keep some troops stationed around the richer oil field reserves in the northwestern regions of Syria.

Strange, the trio has gone out of its way to set up a company, especially to get the Syrian oil contract. While the State Department and Pentagon has not shown any open support for the contract, it has actually supported the deal for the last one year.

As the US moves ahead with the deal, it has already attracted flake from Russia which is said to be making a move towards a counter deal. Russia has already attacked the same oil reserves in 2018, openly showing their keen interest in claiming the oil reserves.

The reason for Russia’s complete disapproval of America’s move also comes from its background work going to the drain. According to CNN findings, Russia has been working hard towards ‘overtly boosting’ its influence in the region offering a full backing to the Assad regime over the past several years. Under this guise, it has also been able to seize control over some vulnerable oil assets in the region. It is confirmed that Russian mercenaries recently seized control over two oil fields in Libya, which remains mired in a civil war.

According to political analysts, the deal is a simple way to eliminate both the Assad regime and any other international players like Iran and Russia to benefit from the oil revenues. Due to long years of civil war, Syria has been without a strong government or economic standing. This gives foreign powers enough reasons to claim their country’s own fossil reserves.

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