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Al-Qaeda Tried to Build a Base in Delhi

Al-Qaeda Tried to Build a Base in Delhi

On Wednesday, the Delhi city court was informed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) that, Al-Qaeda is trying to establish a base in Delhi via its operative agent Samiun Rahman (29). Rahman got arrested by the Delhi police in 2017. Rahman who was based in Britain planned to take up and fight for the cause of Rohingyas in Myanmar. He entered India from Bangladesh through the Beenapole border, West Bengal. A charge sheet has been filed against him at the Patiala House under the Foreigners Act, Arms Act, and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

The anti-terror agency reported that Rahman used to live in at the Port Pool Lane, London and his real name is actually Hamdam. In India, Rahman used the name of Raju bhai and had a fake identity proof which gave his address at House No.88, Mullabadi post office, Dhantola Thakurganj, Kishanganj, Bihar.

A pistol along with four ammunition rounds has been gathered from Rahman when he got arrested. Later NIA said that, many materials has been found from him which shows his association with Al-Qaeda including the chats that were recovered from will mobile and laptop also stated the fact that Rahman had connection with the terrorist organization.

Rahman’s parents moved from Bangladesh to London in 1960 and settled at Central London. In London, Rahman’s father used to be a businessman. Rahman at the age of 19 was arrested by London cops and stayed in the jail for one and a half years. Rahman who got radicalized in the prison came out of it in 2012. After this, Rahman went to Mauritania where he got influenced by the Salafi teachings. Later he got recruited by Al-Qaeda in Islamic Magreb. Al-Qaeda asked Rahman to head towards Syria to fight for Al-Nusra which happens to be an Al-Qaeda affiliate.

NIA said that Rahman came to Bangladesh in 2014, with a British passport in order to radicalize the youth there to join the terrorist organization. He has helped by another Al-Qaeda operatiove named Yasin. Rahman visited Dhaka, Silhet and Nabiganj where he radicalized the youths to get an entry from the Chittagong side into the region of Myanmar.

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