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After Heshmat Khalifa, entire board of IRW caught making anti Semitic slurs online

After Heshmat Khalifa, entire board of IRW caught making anti Semitic slurs online

A month after the resignation of Heshmat Khalifa, the director of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), Britain’s largest Muslim charity, it is now the entire board of the organisation which has been asked to resign. The leaders of the organisation openly displayed and propagated anti-Semitic attitude, and their social media posts stood witness to that.

In an expose’ by British media house, The Times, it was unveiled that the entire leadership of the IRW board has been infested with similar toxicity as Khalifa, who called Israel as the Zionist enemy and labelled terrorists as “heroes”.

Almoutaz Tayara, who replaced Khalifa and took over as a key additional role in the leadership of the UK-based charity last month, praised Hamas militants as “heroes” and criticised Arab leaders for their “cowardice and allegiance to the foreigners”, namely the United States and Britain. Heshmat Khalifa, and his predecessor, both posted comments on social media forums with virulent antisemitic slurs.

Khalifa was asked to stepped down after, The Times revealed that in Facebook posts published in 2014 and 2015the IRW trusteecalled Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi a “pimp son of the Jews” and labelled Israeli authorities as “grandchildren of monkeys and pigs”.

Khalifa also praised the Palestinian militant organisation, Hamas, and referred to it as “the purest resistance movement in modern history”. He added that labelling the organisation’s armed wing as a terror group was “shameful disgrace to all Muslims”.

Islamic Relief Worldwide issued a statement confirming his resignation, saying: ‘We are sorry to say that posts on Mr Khalifa’s personal social media account in 2014 and 2015, which IRW was first made aware of on 16 July 2020, contravene the values and principles of Islamic Relief Worldwide. Islamic Relief Worldwide sincerely regrets any offence caused.

The charity added: “Khalifa has acknowledged that these posts were unacceptable and has apologised for falling short of the strict standards expected by our code of conduct.”

In his first interview with regard to the Khalifa’s derogatory and racist remarks, Naser Haghamed, IRW chief executive, told the Guardian he had been “appalled” by the “unacceptable” posts. He said that the Charity would review “how we missed this particular case”, whether “current systems and processes we have are strong enough”, as well as take external support to review and vet the organisation.

On Thursday, August 20, the IRW announced that it has started screening of all the present Trustees. The organisation, which is believed to be ungoing structural reforms, said, “Islamic Relief Worldwide will hold trustee elections for the first time in its history on 22 August, as part of far-reaching governance reforms. From this moment forward, the charity’s global board is to be elected by members of a new International General Assembly (IGA).”

The organisation added, “our trustees have decided that no members of IRW’s current board will seek election to the new board. All four will step down on 22 August when the new board has been elected and enrolled. Islamic Relief wishes to record its sincere thanks for their many years of voluntary service to the organisation. Details of our new trustees will be added to our website in the week commencing 24 August.

Founded in 1984, Islamic Relief today has spread its branches across 20 nations and reportedly runs with a huge income base of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Many western governments, organisations including United Nations contributed a significant proportion to this income.Islamic Relief (IR) was founded – and continues to be managed – by prominent Islamist operatives.In the most recent decade for which IRW’s accounts have been published, from 2009 to 2018, the UN gave the global charity £24.1 million.

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