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Maria Zakharova

Afghanistan, responsible for the corruption of the Qatar meeting

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova

Recently, the second meeting of the Afghan internal dialogue, scheduled to be held in Doha, Qatar, on April 19-21, was annulled.

We regret the decision of the organizers because this in-Afghan format has proven to be the most promising communication channel among the various political forces in Afghanistan, including representatives of the armed opposition represented by the current Government and the Taliban. I would like to remind that the first meeting of the Afghan internal dialogue took place in Moscow on 5-6 February and was very successful. During the meeting, without any external intervention, leading Afghan politicians and Taliban representatives launched a dialogue about the future form of post-conflict Afghanistan. The abolition of such a dialogue could have negative consequences for Afghanistan’s large-scale peace process.

We see the reason for the interruption of the Doha meeting as a non-constructive position of the current leaders of Afghanistan, we have sent a delegation to Qatar that does not comply with the form of activity of a premiere and that causes discontent among many participants. The main competitors, the Taliban. We believe that dictating the internal conditions of Afghanistan does not comply with the statements made by the current Afghan government about the intention of initiating a constructive speech for the future of Afghanistan.

We hope that the Afghans will eventually solve the difficulties themselves and return to the dialogue that may be insignificant for their country.

The Dutch Parliament and the Dutch Parliament to provide shelter for Afghan nationals who are cooperating in that country.

We drew attention to the heated debate in the Dutch Parliament, which cooperated with the cooperation of the Dutch Parliament in cooperation with the Dutch Parliament.

It turned out that there were about 200 such people, and only 10 of them took refuge in the Netherlands. The rest of them, as MPs say, cannot overcome the complex bureaucratic procedures required by the country’s immigration law.

By the way, most of these Afghans were captured by Taliban militants; four were tortured and killed. Nevertheless, Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld relieved his ministry of responsibility for their deaths and touched on the complexity of the migration procedures that should be done by all foreigners seeking accommodation.

We have said that such disrespect towards people who think and similar to Afghanistan is not only common for the Dutch but also for some other countries that are part of the international military unit in Afghanistan. When leaving the country, the international coalition is no longer in need, it gives up its friends and leaves them an extremist. This again shows the real price of ‘friendship that the West has declared with the Afghan people. It leads to the disappointment, radicalization of the people in Afghanistan and ultimately to the expansion of the social base of the armed opposition.

In our opinion, the above-mentioned situation is not a coincidence. It reflects the general attitude of NATO countries towards the Afghan war. While losing the war, many are ready to leave the country to the whims of fate and leave their people to cope with the coalition’s problems.

Such an approach is particularly dangerous when it results in the final withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and contradicts the intentions of the US and NATO allies to do so directly. We encourage them to prevent new tragedies that are directly related. For the military presence on the territory of Afghanistan.

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