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Afghanistan Declares Muslim Eid Holiday Ceasefire with Taliban

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani declared an armistice or truce with Taliban rebels starting from Monday onwards in order to celebrate the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, in spite of the aggressive battle taking place in the central city of Ghazni. He stated that the provisional suspension or pause would kickoff from 20th August and it will continue till the Taliban rebel forces maintain and respects it. The President made this statement while attending an Afghan Independence Day ceremony in Kabul.

He added that Afghanistan wants that the Taliban leaders to embrace and meet the wished of the Afghans towards a lifelong an inveterate peace. According to a senior official from Ghani’s office, the restrictive truce would remain applicable for three months. Although Taliban sources stated that they had agreed for a four-day truce during the days of Eid al Adha. Eid is considered to be an annual Islamic feast of sacrifice; still, it needs the approval of the supreme commander Sheikh Haibatullah Akhunzanda. However, it isn’t clear whether the Taliban rebels have agreed upon the demand of a ceasefire during the Eid.

Without delving into further details, it was said that hundreds of prisoners would be freed. Fighting has been escalating in the Taliban’s revolution against the government in Kabul and coalition NATO forces. During 2001, the Islamist group was dethroned from power.

The announcement of the ceasefire came days after clashes started to appear in the northern province of Faryab. The Taliban took over control of some part of Bulcheragh district and since then over 50 government forces went missing. Around 150 soldiers and 95 citizens lost their liVES during the five-day battle for gaining control of Ghazni. Afghan soldiers received the support of the U.S. forces were able to resist the armed rebels.

According to a senior official, the truce is applicable to the Taliban and not other rebel groups. With the withdrawal of foreign combat forces, the Taliban started to make slow gains and now have complete control over 40% of Afghanistan

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