Afghan Taliban’s Eid Ceasefire Considered a Major Milestone but Should be Viewed Cautiously

The main protagonists of the Afghanistan war has decided to suspend hostilities during the Eid Al Fitr festival. The decision can be considered to be a symbolic victory for the multilateral diplomacy. The three days of peace which has been promised by the Afghan Taliban opens the door to a lot of optimism regarding the longest war of America.

The gesture was made after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had promised ceasefire for eight days. This is a milestone in the conflict which had begun 17 years ago after the Taliban regime had refused to hand over the Al Qaeda leaders who were involved in the September 11 attacks on the US. This gesture might create an opportunity to revive the 2015 peace process between Taliban and the Afghan government.

The initiative had failed because of the untimely announcement of Mullah Mohammad Omar by the faction of Afghanistan’s National Unity Government which was led by chief executive Abdullah Abdullah. If the ceasefire is successful then it would lead to the development of trust in a war zone. Even though the ceasefire fails, there will be a scope educe the tensions between the regional powers and the United States.

The United States is looking for grounds to declare its involvement in combat operations fruitful because Taliban would be forced to talk to Kabul. The Trump government also wants to end the country’s involvement in the Afghan war because it is unpopular domestically and is very expensive. If a notional victory is denied then Washington would be shifting the blame for its failure on the neighbors of Afghanistan and would destabilize the repercussions for the region. The Trump administration had also accused Russia and Iran for supplying weapons to the Taliban secretly.


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