Afghan leader says that Pakistan is continuing to support Taliban

A top leader of Afghanistan said that Pakistan is continuing its support of Taliban and that there has been no change in its policy although a new government has come at the helm under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Afghan chief executive Abdullah Abdullah said during the Council of Foreign Relations that for the process of peace and for the talks to get serious some things need to change. He added that there is a need to persuade the ones who lend their support to Taliban.

He said that in the past Pakistan had made promises that they would bring the Taliban on the table for negotiations and would put pressure on others. No action has been observed in that regard but Afghanistan is still hopeful.

He however, mentioned that his country would keep on engaging with Pakistan in the hopes that it would understand that these extremist groups which use tactics of terror and civilian killings, would not serve the interest of any country.

He stated that one lesson that has been learnt in the previous three decades is that such extremist groups work according to their own agenda. He said that these groups follow their own ideology and not that of the countries which lend their help to these organizations.

He also added that India has been a supporter of a stable and peaceful Afghanistan and that it has supported Afghanistan through the last seventeen years and also when the country was in the resistance against the Taliban and the Al Qaeda. India had backed the official government of the country. India is still continuing with the same policy and that they have offered them to let them know of the needs of Afghanistan. These needs will be analyzed within the possibilities of India and help would be extended.


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