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Sheikh Khalid
An ex-navy hired by a Qatari sheikh because his head of security accused the billionaire of ordering him to kill two people in California.

A billionaire playboy ordered to kill two in California

An ex-navy hired by a Qatari sheik because his head of security accused the billionaire of ordering him to kill two people in California.

Florida security guard Matthew Pittard and California medic Matthew Allende had worked for the Sheikh in Beverly Hills and used to regularly travel with him to London and Qatar.

According to the lawsuit, approximately July 7-10, 2018, Defendant Khalid and his private Qatari security staff held an American citizen against his will on at least two occasions in one of Defendant Khalid’s personal residences.

Adding that at Defendant Khalid’s request, the American citizen was arrested and jailed at the Onaiza Police Station in Doha, Qatar. Pittard and the United States Embassy came to the aide of the American citizen, and helped the American citizen reach a point of safety, and eventually safely depart from the country.

He worked seven days a week, 12 hours a day. In some cases, Allende worked for 20 to 36 hours straight, with minimal meal breaks and no opportunity for sleep, according to the lawsuit says.

It continued that on or about December 17, 2017, after approximately three straight weeks of work and a 36-hour sleepless binge by Defendant Khalid, Allende requested a day off, to which Khalid agreed, stressing that during this 36-hour sleepless binge, Allende was forced to stay awake.

As Allende was leaving, an armed security guard stopped him and said Khalid had changed his mind. After he informed the guard he was leaving with or without the guard’s permission, the guard replied ‘No, you are not leaving,’” the lawsuit said.

Meanwhile, Allende, who worked for Sheikh Khalid from October 2017 to February 2018, says he was routinely asked to work for 24 or 36 hours straight during wild parties to ‘keep him breathing’.

Pittard also added that he was once forced to administer Narcan – a drug commonly used to treat heroin overdoses – to the Sheikh after he collapsed during one party. In the lawsuit, Allende said he was paid $500 a day, and Pittard $102,000 a year.

The men claimed that Khalid ignored American labor laws, caused personal injury and retaliated. The suit also named Geo Strategic Defense Solutions LLC, and KH Holding LLC, two companies associated with.

Qatar has allegedly tried to paper over its human rights record by spending billions of dollars on public relations and influence campaigns. It has provided undisclosed trips to Democratic congressmen, given $1 billion to American universities, and owns Al Jazeera, one of the largest producers of progressive viral videos on Facebook.

Khalid also drives cars as a racing driver in Qatar, where he is known as the ‘patron sheik’ of drag-racing.

Sheikh Khalid invested $10 million in a drag racing team and was known to drive a bright yellow, $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari around. In 2015, video journalist Jacob Rogers filmed the car screaming through residential neighborhoods racing against a Porcha 911 GT3. He asked one of the drivers why they were endangering residents.

He has worked to introduce the races to his home country, while also investing more than $10million in the sport.

Reporters were unable to reach the Qatari embassy in the US for comment, and attempts by Mail Online to reach the prince’s companies were also unsuccessful.

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