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Trump Plays The Sanction Card On Turkey Over Syrian Offense

Kurdish Forces

With no other resort left, Trump is threatening Turkey’s power financial penalties, if Ankara does not back down from a full-fledged military offensive in Northern Syria. As a precursor, Washington has already raised steel tariffs. American troops started retreating from their various observatory posts, on Trump’s instructions, ending four-year buffer …

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Iran’s Best Defense against Trump is Outside the Borders

President Donald Trump

Surrounded by the general of both sides, President Hassan Rouhani watched as the Iranian soldiers, Iranian troops carrying huge Iran martyrs ”portraits in Tehran, warplanes blowing up, and military trucks jumped over huge missiles. Nevertheless, Army Day, an annual demonstration of military strength and endurance against years of sanctions and …

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The US accused Iran of nuclear blackmail because Trump brought new sanctions to the metal sector

usa vs iran

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered new sanctions against Iran, this time targeting the export revenues from the industrial metals sector and promising to continue to tighten Tehran unless it “fundamentally changes” its policies. The announcement halted the nuclear program for several hours after Trump announced the unilateral withdrawal of …

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United States: Trump plans to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist” organization


After Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, US President Donald Trump plans to place the Muslim Brotherhood on the US blacklist of “terrorist organizations,” the White House said Tuesday. “The president has spoken with his national security team and regional leaders who share …

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