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Through 7 Points in Tripoli the Libyan Army Is Moving Forward
Through 7 Points in Tripoli the Libyan Army Is Moving Forward

Through 7 Points in Tripoli the Libyan Army Is Moving Forward

The Libyan army was able to enforce its control on the Tripoli airport completely, after it was successful in foiling assaults by armed groups in the neighborhood of the airport with the backing of the national army aircraft, which took part in the attack for the first time since the launch of Operation «Delaware».

Major General Ahmad al-Mismari, a spokesman for the Libyan National Army, gave these comments during a press conference.

The capital city of Tripoli is under the control of terrorists, who no longer have the ability to newscast poison and false news, stating that terrorists are trying to hide their defeats by spreading false and concocted news through social networking sites and even through global media.

Our mission is to defend civilians from terrorism and to offer security and cohesion in Libya. He disclosed doubted links between the Presidential Council and terrorist organizations and encourages citizens of Misrata to be a part of the battle in Tripoli. More proof of this communication would be disclosed in the coming days by the Libyan National Army City.

Al-Mismari applauded the help and support of the Air Force in the “Delaware Al Karama” operation, which aided the ground forces to move ahead through important streets in the capital, emphasizing that the military operations of the National Army were conducted through seven axes in Tripoli. This operation has been described by al-Mismari as “useless” due to the “lack of balance in their strength in comparison to the strength of the army.”

Ibrahim al-Drecy, the member of the House of Representatives, stated that the conflict taking place in Tripoli between the Libyan National Army and armed faction as normal, going by the fact that the role of any national army is to enforce security and cohesion and bring an end to the anarchy.

Even Jaballah al-Shaibani, the member of the Libyan House of Representatives, stated that HoR backed the Libyan National Army in the Tripoli Operation to bring security and balance to the city after it was under the seize of rebels and organized crime groups for years. The presidential Council rebels conducted kidnapping and killed citizens of Tripoli and western region, and even blackmailed the authorities.

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