6,700 missiles sold to Saudi Arabia by US

On Thursday, the sale of the anti-tank missiles numbering to 6,700 was announced to Saudi Arabia by the State Department. The announcement was done after the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman met Jim Mattis (Defense Secretary) to discuss on the matter of bombing out Yemen by Saudi Arabia. The defense deal of which is worth of $1 billion has been proposed by the congress. The deal would include the maintenance and parts support for the tanks and helicopters of Saudi Arabia. Arizona-based Raytheon is the prime contractor for the Saudi missiles.

The State Department said that, the projected sale of the missiles is being done to support the national security and foreign policy of US. The sale will improve the security of the country which has been friendly in its nature. Saudi Arabia has been a region in the Middle East which has shown economic growth and as well as political stability. To this the department added the missile deal will not modify the primary military balance of the region.

The missile deal has been done after 3 years Saudi Arabia has supported US to fight the Houthis in Yemen. Amnesty International said that the arms deal is an irresponsible one because some way or the other, the parties involved are violating the international law. The influx of the weapons has led to harm on the civilians of Yemen. But this did not stop countries like UK, USA, Italy, France and Spain to refrain themselves to deal in arms which were worth millions of dollars.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to conclude the war power commitments in Yemen which will be an attempt to insert the military operations led by US into the deadly war going on in Yemen. Last year in Yemen, the military of US forcefully increased its air campaign.


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