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34 killed as militants bomb blasts a bus in Afghanistan

Thirty-four people got killed, mostly women and kids and Seventeen got injured on Wednesday in Afghanistan’s second major militant assault.

A roadside bomb detonated under a transport stuffed with travelers going on the major roadway in Farah region between Kandahar and Herat. “It was dark, and the transport hit a mine,” said Ali Juma, an injured traveler being treated in an emergency clinic in Herat. “There were numerous casualties, dead and injured people around.” According to Arab News.

The Taliban would not say whether they had carried the assault. Representative Qari Mohammad Yousuf stated that they would examine the shelling and punish those who are guilty.

Experts accused the Islamist militant groups and said security forces were the proposed target. Interior Ministry representative, Nasrat Rahim said it was a “brutal demonstration by the militants.” The Taliban, who controls about half the portion of Afghanistan, has promised to reduce civilian casualties.

The most recent violence happened during a US push for peace with the Taliban that appears to be gaining ground after months of deadlock.

Zalmay Khalilzad, the US peace envoy, said on Wednesday that we would do our part and the Taliban will do theirs, and conclude the peace deal. According to Arab News.

The Afghan Peace Ministry noted the legislature had formed a negotiating team for possible talks in Oslo in August.

That is critical because till now; the Taliban had declined to negotiate with Ghani’s administration, which they state is a Western puppet. According to Arab News.

A week ago the Taliban said discussions with the Afghan government would happen after the agreement. Numerous Afghans dread a US troop withdrawal will debilitate their bargaining ability with the terrorists.

At the pinnacle of the conflict almost ten years back, the US had 100,000 troops in Afghanistan driving a 130,000-in number of international forces to keep the Taliban to regain power.

The UN says more than 33,000 citizens have died since 2009.

Countless individuals from the Afghan security forces and an obscure number of terrorists have been killed.

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