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30,000 Nigerians Uprooted! UN Raises Alarm
30,000 Nigerians Uprooted! UN Raises Alarm

30,000 Nigerians Uprooted! UN Raises Alarm

The prolonged war against the Islamic rebels in Northeastern Nigeria has led at least 30,000 Nigerians to sacrifice their habitat. The United nation sensed the danger and raised an alarm regarding this matter. Attacks from the Islamic state of West Africa along with the Boko Haram group have increased while the elections are coming closer. President Muhammadu Buhari is supposed to get elected for a second term and for this, security of citizens has become a primary issue.
Several towns in Borno have been captured by the ISWA. This has led the citizens to shift to a comparatively safer place at Maiduguri, the state capital.
Edward Kallon, the head of the United Nations operations in Nigeria said that the fights have impacted the innocent civilians greatly. It has created a humanitarian tragedy and devastated the conditions of the lives of the people.
There have been other attacks that have been carried out in the past too. One of them is the Baga town attack on 26th December last year, followed by the attack in Monguno has created massive havoc and worsened the situation to a greater extent.
Muhammad Buhari had pledged to end the insurgencies of the Boko Haram group since he took to office in the last term but has failed to keep his word. This group aims to create a completely Islamic state in the Northeastern parts of Nigeria. This has forced at least 2.7 million civilians to move from their familiar habitat. This incident has also created a humanitarian crisis and killed about 30,000 people since

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