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Two rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone
2 rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone

2 rockets fell near the US Embassy in Baghdad

In central Baghdad, in the Green Zone, several rockets fell near the United States Embassy in Iraq.

It is noted that two missiles fell.  Allegedly, four rockets were fired.  In the center of the capital of Iraq on Wednesday evening, March 25, the alarm went off.

The channel reports that explosions were heard, the sounds of the fall of shells and the howling sirens.  No one was hurt as a result of the attack.  At least there was no news of the victims.

Recall, on the night of March 11, the Camp Taji military base was shelled in Iraq, where the forces of the American coalition are deployed.  The missile attack became the 22nd in a row against American military interests in the country since the end of October.  More than 15 small missiles reached their goals.  Three people were killed, including two US soldiers, and 10 were injured. In response to the killing of American soldiers in Iraq, airstrikes were carried out in the Baghdad area.  According to the Pentagon, U.S. forces hit 5 weapons stores belonging to Hezbollah fighters.

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