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Sudan And Turkey Remain Thick Despite Regional Unrest

While Sudan’s civilian population is interested in a stable government to preside over a two-year transitional period, Turkey has been carefully moving in, to strengthen its bilateral relations with this oil-rich country.

According to the Turkish Statistic Institute (TUIK), Turkey exported $360.8 million in goods and services to Sudan in 2018, while imports from the country stood at $73.1 million.

Academicians and political analysts believe that while Saudi Arabia and the UAE “do not have the interests of the Sudanese population at heart,” the changes in Sudan “might even have a positive impact on Turkish investment in the country.”

In 2017, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the first Turkish president to visit Sudan. It is then that he had said, that “we need to raise our trade volume to $1 billion and then to $10 billion. We have to take appropriate steps for this.”

Turkey is serious about raising its investments.

“Turkey should consider aiding the new leadership in creating good public service in the short run, which will solidify the relationship in the long run,” is the general sentiment of think tanks and political analysts.

It seems that because the nature of Turkish investments was humanitarian in the first place, that they would survive in the long run. Humanitarian diplomacy puts Turkey in a different level to other nations.

The message from the Sudanese authorities appears to be the same that it will be business as usual. Sudan’s Ambassador to Ankara, Yusuf El-Kordofan, said that its strategic relationship with Turkey will continue to be based on agreements that have already been signed.

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