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Procedure Claw aims to exterminate PKK prominence in far northern Iraq

Because the end of May, Turkish troops are actually targeting PKK headquarters in far northern Iraq, getting nearer to the terrorists’ nests day by day with the process named Claw.

Focusing on the Hakurk region of far northern Iraq, Turkish security forces possess crossed nearly 30 kilometers through southeast Turkey’s Şemdinli area of Hakkari province with the aim of eradicating the PKK existence in the region because of concerns over national security, stated Abdullah Ağar, a former army officer and also security expert.

Veysel Kurt, an academic at Istanbul Medeniyet University, laid out 3 important features to stress the effectiveness and also the importance of Operation Claw: geographical importance, the utilization of domestic military equipment without support from external forces along with the discursive support of additional actors in the region.

The Hakurk area allows terrorist crossing between Qandil and also Iraq’s Salahuddin province bordering Syria, where the PKK’s Syrian offshoot, the People’s Security Units (YPG), controls the northeastern 3rd of the country.

Commenting on the Iraqi governments’ posture, Ağar stated Turkey respects the sovereignty and also territorial unity of Iraq and added that Iraqi officials were informed in bilateral meetings regarding the operation during the planning process.

So far, 45 terrorists are killed in the anti-PKK operation, and also Turkish jets have pounded PKK weapons’ positions, shelters and also ammunition depots in the region.

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