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air strike
air strike

A Reason For Interference: A Realist Comprehension Of The West’s Selection To Intervene In Syria

On 13th April 2018, the Us, the Uk and also France co-ordinated a multilateral air strike within Syria; they successfully targeted 3 sites associated with Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s deadly chemical weapons program.

The first section will detail the interests of the West in relation to Syria. The 2nd section will account for the needs of Russia within Syria that influenced Russia’s option to enter the conflict in September 2015; a behave that constituted Russia’s largest army intervention in the Middle East since 1989 along with the first time Russia needed to be conducted a military exercise outside the borders of the former Soviet Union.

Syria also borders all major Western allies, particularly Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and also Israel also remains in close proximity to key Western economic sources located within the Persian Gulf, such as Saudi Arabia.

This remains a substantiated worry caused by the continued expansionist policies undertaken by the U.S. along with the West through NATO and the EU within Russia’s “near abroad” – as evidenced in 1999, 2004, 2008, 2014 and also 2018 (the Western intervention of Syria). Thus, in order to make sure safety, Russia has increasingly deployed military force in regions of high strategic value –Ukraine in 2014; Syria in 2015 – to protect and also strengthen existing economic and also material interest. This sphere of influence encompasses historically Syria.

This state possesses presented 1 motivation for exactly why the West chose to intervene in Syria in April 2018; namely, that it was a reaction to a change in the international system of says as galvanized by the impending reality that Syria–with the assistance of Russia and also Iran – needed categorically won the war, as stated above. The development of regional alliance systems between Russia and also Middle Eastern nations, specifically Egypt, jeopardized the predominance of the West. Hence, the action was required.

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