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Turkey “dictatorship” is headed

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, between local protests and growing international condemnation of the events of Istanbul, took a controversial decision to restart the mayoral election.

Thousands of people gathered in the most populous city after the election authorities of the country decided to cancel the vote of the Istanbul municipality a month after the election of the mayor.

The CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu officially declared the mayor of Istanbul in mid-April by the election authorities of the city, after several weeks of discussion. In a city of 10 million voters, a partial explanation was made, showing that he defeated his rival with only 13,000 votes.

Now, the country’s Supreme Electoral Council (YSK) has announced that the election will be re-implemented on June 23, with a decision by the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) as a “flat dictatorship”.

Politico, Imamoglu’s victory and  Justice and Development Party (AKP) with the heavy losses of the victory, “Erdogan’s conservative political movement of Istanbul for the first time in a quarter of the century lost the control of the end of the period was declared” said.

Since the 1990s, the AKP and its predecessor have consistently won the local elections in Istanbul, when Erdogan began his political career as mayor. He also said that Erdogan served as the prime minister of the AKP’s local election campaign this year and that “the elections were seen as a referendum in the government”.

However, if the opposition is not expected to win, the backlash of the government is more intense than expected even the hardened opposition figures.

Erdogan repeatedly called for the annulment of the Istanbul election, claiming that there were widespread Istanbul irregularities in the vote. He doubled, citing the outcome since then, and the AKP told the parliamentary session Tuesday that ”thieves stole the national will“ in the ballot box, and that re-voting was the best step for the country.

Politico, “YSK government – under intense pressure from the government – a turning point for Turkey,” he said. ”In recent years, the country’s elections have been deemed to be unfair, but still competitive, an assumption now questioned by a decision to annul an earlier ratified victory.“

Even though the opposition saw the election authorities as bending into Erdogan’s pressure, BBC correspondent Mark Lowen said the president would never lose the Istanbul.

With 16 million inhabitants, the city “Turkey’s economic engine and controls a large part of public spending,” says The Guardian, Erdogan frequently “If Istanbul is Turkey who wins,” he claimed.

”But it’s a risk-filled strategy, Low says Lowen. The Turkish lira, which lost more than 30% last year, fell again. An economy in stagnation can deal with more uncertainty. After all, there were economic problems that had lost Istanbul for Erdogan at first.

Furthermore, Imamoglu continues to gain popularity and can further expand its restructuring earnings and prove to be very embarrassing for Erdogan.

In addition, there are international implications of an initiative that seems so obvious to redo a large selection.

The European Parliament’s decision to terminate the credibility of democratic elections in Turkey, which is the continent’s most powerful countries like Germany and France are both out sharply against the decision, he said.

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