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US restrictions on Qatar Airways could lead to corruption in aviation agreements: airlines

Washington pledged that US lawmakers would not add new domestic flights to US airlines in the US, according to which US deputies took 49 percent of Air Italy flying to the US since June.

However, in a letter to State Secretary Mike Pompeo and Transport Secretary Elaine Chao, JetBlue Airways Corp. and cargo companies have stated that restricting the rights of FedEx Corp and Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc., Qatar Airways and Air Italy could result in retaliation against carriers in the United States.

‘From 2021 onwards, the possibility of reprisals for JetBlue, which explained that it plans to start serving London from New York City and Boston, is a sky deal with a devastating effect on the EU’s ability to work in the EU under the US-EU deficit“.

The letter referred to possible retaliation from the European Union and said the restrictions would have a serious impact on cruise ships in the United States seeking new services to the EU.

”Undoubtedly, turning off access to global markets will be a punishment that will bring higher prices and fewer options for American travelers, consumers, and transporters.“

JetBlue is also considering European destinations outside London for future flights.

A group representing the US’s top three airlines, American Airlines Group Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc., United Continental Holdings Inc, has the opposite view and has violated Qatar Airways’ agreement with the United States. considers

Qatar Airways said its stake in Air Italy was fully compatible with the 2018 US-Qatar Treaty, which is an additional agreement with the US-Qatar Open Air Agreement.

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