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US Must Ensure That Northern Syria Is Getting a Safe Zone
US Must Ensure That Northern Syria Is Getting a Safe Zone

US Must Ensure That Northern Syria Is Getting a Safe Zone

Whether the United States as well as other international organizations would be able to offer protection to the Manjib province and other areas, for an indefinite period would be a meaningful test of their dependability. The Manjib and adjoining provinces are managed by the Syrian Democratic Forces.
The Manjib province in northern Syria which consists of around 700,000 people is controlled by a civilian administration that consists of Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and Circassians. The Kurdish fighters helped in the liberation of Manbij in 2016. After it was freed, people got immense freedom, which couldn’t be imagined under the Islamic State or even under the Syrian government.
Previously, in Manbij, women were used to be purchased and sold as slaves by the Islamic State terrorists. Presently, they are operating economic cooperatives, working in the Manbij Military Council and have equal representation in elected councils. For the first time in Syrian history, it was able to organize free local elections.
The civil administration gave people the courage to restore their lives and be a part of democracy. Citizens were able to form Manbij Military Council, which is a security force comprising of local Arabs, who can easily track down terrorists as well as sleeper cells, contending to certify that terrorist groups won’t be able to threaten the people of Syria again.
It has been made possible because of the international support. Coalition forces who fought along with the men and women of the Syrian Democratic Forces and coalition jets struck the Islamic State from overhead. They were able to emancipate many Syrian territories from the terrorist group than any other force could do. Data showed that very few people died of terrorist assaults since 2015. The coalition forces made enough sacrifices in order to get rid of the Islamic State.
However, with US President Donald Trump’s announcement of withdrawing the US forces from Syria, residents are tussling over a doubtful future. Although the Islamic State might be almost defeated, still Northern Syria faces threat each day from another enemy, i.e. Turkey.
Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has frequently declared his plans to invade Northern Syria, asserting that the Peoples’ Protection Units or better known as the Y.P.G., have a presence in Syria. Experts feel that the US holds the complete right to pull out their forces from Manbih; however, the people of Syria shouldn’t be abandoned. Moreover, the safe zone should be certified by the international organizations and not by Turkish forces.

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