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The Truth behind Qatar’s Charity and Nectar Trust

Although Nectar Trust is a charity based in the United Kingdom, its main function seems to be the promotion of homophobia, anti-Semitism and radical Islam. It is also important to note that this charity renamed and rebranded itself in 2017 from its previous avatar of Qatar Charity UK. That charity was publicly known for its association to radical Islamists. In fact, it was quite closely linked to Muslim Brotherhood, the infamous terror group. The leaders of the charity have been preaching not only hatred and homophobia but also religious intolerance and even terror.

Another similar radical charity group is the Emaan Trust. Emaan Trust has been funding a new religious center in Sheffield, UK. This group is being run by known terrorism sympathizers, homophobes and anti-Semites. It even associates with known criminals. In fact, one of the trustees of the charity is actually a convicted shopkeeper. He was caught and sentenced for selling stolen phones. Yet, the Trust claims that it will be providing a welcoming environment for the promotion of collaboration and understanding between various cultures and religions.
Emaan Trust gets the majority of its money from Nectar Trust which is associated with Qatar. After all, Nectar Trust went by the name of Qatar Charity UK till 2017. Now, Qatar is easily one of the most homophobic nations in the world. Moreover, Qatar Charity UK was actually named back in 1993 as one of the financers of the international operations of Al Qaeda. That claim was made by none other than Osama bin Laden. It is also a known fact that the US had designated Qatar Charity as a terrorism-supporting entity.
Now that Nectar Trust is funding Emaan Trust which is building the Islamic center, it is important to ask questions. Is Emaan Trust at all a good option for taking care of children that it claims is one of its aims?

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