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Qatar’s Criminalization of the Ransom

Media channels along with newspapers are trying to clarify and recollect when actually the Qatar government contributed $1 billion to the terrorist groups in Iraq. The funding was made to terrorist groups like the Hezbollah Brigade of Iraq, the Sham Liberation Organization, and also to the commander of the Revolutionary Guard.
IN 2017, the hostage crisis was brought to an end. The information was corroborated by Qatari officials. A special plane was flown to Baghdad in order to bring back the hostages and disburse money to the group who held 28 emirs as hostages.

In 2014, the UN Security Council deliberated on the criminalization of the ransom. The decision hinged on the fact that the ransom amount of money given to the terrorist groups is helping them in their activities, such as planning future kidnapping or recruiting individuals.
The draft plan urges all states should thwart terrorists from getting benefitted with the cash or through political means, either directly or indirectly. It has been seen that Qatar is funding the terrorist groups and the terrorist group is using the money to kill civilians, spreading chaos, and for defying human rights. The strength of the states is getting threatened by the activities of Qatar. Most of the Twitter accounts are in Arabic and the crisis is getting deeper within Qatar. Moreover, Qatar being the hatchery of terrorism as most of the accused terrorists is from Qatar. Even Qatar disclosed a list of terrorists.
Qatar favors Da’ash and the Qatar authorities are allowing the terrorist groups to carry out their barbaric activities all over the world.
Both Al-Qaradawi and the Muslim Brotherhood are cruel, judgmental about radical ideas, resist all forms of media talks, and invigorate religious discussions so that basic ideas becomes the principal word in Islamic societies as well as in Arab.

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