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Qatari Support for Extremism Exposed Through Turkey Involvement

Qatar has become quite skilled at making the international community believe that its activities are completely legitimate after the 2017 crisis over its ties to various terrorist groups.
The fact is that there is compelling evidence which points to the long and demonstrated the history of Qatar in supporting and financing extremist groups. This includes Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, both noted terrorist outfits. However, Qatar has used a massive group of considerably remunerated public relations advisors in Washington and London. With their help, Qatar has, so far, managed to dampen any criticism of their actions. As such, to the average person, it seems that Qatar is only guilty of supporting political activists who tend to have an opposing perspective to the mainstream.

In fact, Qatar has managed to deceive the public into thinking that its support for Hamas is just a way to stop an escalation of hostilities between Israel and Palestine. In the same way, they have even claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood is just another political group.
Of course, they are nothing of the sort. There are well-documented and proven facts that those groups are extremists and terrorists. Despite this, Qatar has managed to withstand any criticism of their activities. They were successful enough to ensure that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, got a warm reception on his visit to England.
However, this is less likely to happen again. After all, the real picture about Qatar’s involvement with terrorist groups is now beginning to emerge.
Qatar’s stance has been properly exposed after it announced that it would be investing $15 billion in Turkey. Currently, Turkey is locked in a trade war with the US which is one of the reasons for the collapse of its currency. The President of Turkey has the same extremist views as that of Qatar. In fact, Turkey is also known to have supported various terror groups including the Muslim Brotherhood.
As such, Qatar’s decision to invest in Turkey is certainly not going to be appreciated by the US and its allies.

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