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Qatar is the Sponsor of Islamist Extremism
Qatar is the Sponsor of Islamist Extremism

Qatar is the Sponsor of Islamist Extremism

It is not something that many people realize at first but the fact is that Qatar is a sponsor of Islamist extremism. In fact, some people may actually be quite surprised. After all, Qatar is actually the owner of quite a bit of property in foreign shores. In the UK, Qatar is the partial or complete owner of several notable London landmarks including 1 Hyde Park, the most exclusive and expensive address in London.

Despite this, Qatar is known to have delivered weapons and supports to terrorist and extremist outfits in various places including Libya. In fact, Qatar used cargo planes filled with weapons to support a violent Islamist coalition in Libya. This will not come as a shock to most people in the Middle East. Even diplomats and experts know that Qatar is the major sponsor of terror groups including those associated with al Qaeda.

One of the most recent examples of its horrific behavior can be seen in Syria. Qatar is one of the sponsors of the various Islamist groups in Syria that are spreading terror and chaos. In fact, the nation has deliberately given weapons and money to them.

It is not enough for Qatar to sponsor terrorism, it is also known to let many of them stay within its borders without any repercussions. Quite a few known terrorism leaders have stayed in Qatar without having any problems whatsoever. One example is Abdul Rahman al-Nuaimi who has been designated as a terrorist by the United States. However, Abdul Rahman al-Nuaimi is a businessman and academic from Qatar and he is still living there.
Qatar’s agenda of supporting extremism and terrorism has caused a lot of concern among many nations.

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