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C.E. Qatar--and--the--UN--resolutions--on--Terrorism
C.E. Qatar--and--the--UN--resolutions--on--Terrorism

Qatar and the Resolutions of the United Nations on Terrorism

The member states of the United Nations are always trying to develop an effective strategy to counter international terrorism. However, there is already the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy which was adopted back in 2006. Among other things, this resolution criminalizes the terror crimes and provides a framework for their punishment as per the law.
This resolution also calls for extraditing or prosecuting those that commit these offenses. It also calls upon the member states to undertake measures for the prevention of terrorist acts. The member states are
also requested to cooperate and assist each other in exchanging information, preventing and investigating terrorist acts.

These provisions are applicable to the actions of Qatar. However, Qatar completely ignores these rules, continuing to support and even sponsor a variety of terrorist groups, especially the infamous Muslim
This support for terrorist groups has resulted in a disaster since terrorism has been able to spread through much of the region, especially in Africa. Many terrorist groups have emerged thanks to the arms and
money provided by Qatar.
Qatar has certainly financed global terrorism. It is one of the major sponsors of the terrorist activities in Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. At the same time, it has failed to control and punish the terrorist networks
within its own borders.
Qatar has dialed to comply with the counterterrorism measures that have already been adopted by a few Arab nations.
UN resolutions state that all acts of terrorism are criminal acts which cannot be justified in any way, irrespective of where they take place or who commits them.

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