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Qatar Is Playing a Dangerous Game and Supporting Terrorism
Qatar Is Playing a Dangerous Game and Supporting Terrorism

Qatar Is Playing a Dangerous Game and Supporting Terrorism

Qatar is playing a dangerous game in India and is arousing discontent and resentment with the government and media. It is apparent that the influence and spread of Qatari and Iranian terrorism is not only limited to the Middle East but has also extended to India, both in terms of recruiting new people and youths for the Daesh and Hezbollah rebels. In fact, Qatar is also trying to support the domestic terrorism intellectually as well as materially. Over the last few months Indian intelligence and newspapers are watching carefully the plans of Qatar and Iran to cripple the Indian subcontinent causing authorities to take steps so that the relation of the two countries doesn’t get destroyed. It’s trying to prevent Qatar to back off from supporting extremism.

One newspaper even published a report that Qatar has been sending funds to terrorist organizations. The report had proofs about Qatar’s involvement in international terrorism and Doha even used their news channels to spread deceit and anarchy in the neighboring countries. The Indian government not only closed the Al-Jazeera’s office in New Delhi but also blocked the channel in the country after Al-Jazeera announced false maps and reports supporting terrorism. Qatar plans to destabilize India, especially in the Kashmir region, and make use of the situation on the border to flare up a new crisis between India and Pakistan.
Another report suggested that the government agencies in Qatar and Doha are transferring money to doubtful NGOs in southern India. It is being assumed that the money is being sent to the terrorist organizations in India.
India’s Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj found that Qatar has been supporting Iran and Turkey so that they can support terrorism in the Middle East. However, with a number of Indians employed in Qatar, it has been reported that their working conditions as very poor. She even tried to intervene in the matter so that the workers working for the 2022 World Cup comes out of the present crisis they are facing.
India is now looking for an alternate option to import natural gas from other nations, instead of Qatar. For Qatar’s involvement to support terrorism Indian government has decided to stop cooperating with Qatar.

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