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Qatar Keeps Ignoring UN Resolutions through Terrorism Support
Qatar Keeps Ignoring UN Resolutions through Terrorism Support

Qatar Keeps Ignoring UN Resolutions through Terrorism Support

The United Nations General Assembly has been focusing on terrorism as a global problem. Through the 1980s, it tried to deal with issue via a few resolutions. This period saw the adoption of 2 instruments, associated with the battle against terrorism, by the Assembly. One of them was the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons, including Diplomatic Agents which was passed in 1973. The other was International Convention against the Taking of Hostages in 1979.

According to several experts and media reports, it has been noticed that Qatar has been violating the international laws and resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council. This has taken place in several fields and areas. As such, there is a considerable amount of evidence which can be delivered to the United Nations as proof of Qatari involvement in financing and supporting terrorism.

Among the several resolutions passed by the UN, one of the most important is The Convention for the Suppression and Financing of Terrorism. This convention obligates its parties to undertake the necessary steps to stop the funding, directly or indirectly, of terror organizations and terrorists.

It also demands the nations to take note of those that are financing terrorism and charge them with the administrative, civil and criminal responsibilities for such actions. In other words, the convention requires that proper action be taken against the guilty parties.

The convention also has measures in place to help in identifying, suspending and confiscating the funds for the terrorist activities. There are also policies for the funds gained from the confiscation to be shared with the other nations on a per-case basis. As such, bank secrets are no longer a good enough reason to not cooperate.

To get Qatar to trial, evidence will have to be provided to the Security Council. The evidence must show that Qatar is really involved in financing and supporting terrorism. It should also show that Qatar has failed to comply with the agreements and resolutions.

In order to get all the evidence necessary, concerted effort is required. All institutions and nations which have confirmed that they have evidence of Qatari involvement will need to work together.

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