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Qatar to invest in Germany despite ties to terrorism
Qatar to invest in Germany despite ties to terrorism

Qatar to invest in Germany despite ties to terrorism

Ali Sharif al-Emadi, the Qatari Minister of Finance, spoke to German media about his country’s plan to invest more in Germany. Such a declaration is worth investigating since it gave rise to a huge list of accusations about the suspicious activities conducted by Qatar in Germany and Europe. This is to be expected since Qatar’s ties to terrorism and extremism are quite well-known.

A report, leaked back in 2016, from the intelligence agencies of Germany showed that various charitable groups associated with Qatar were funding different extremist Salafist outfits in Germany.

It is no longer a secret that Qatar has a rather long history when it comes to giving shelter to terrorists and extremists. They have also been known to finance several dangerous extremist outfits such as the Taliban, Hamas, al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and the al Nusra Front.

It is also quite well-known that there are thousands of refugees in Germany and elsewhere in Europe who have been supported by charities that are linked to Qatar. These charities are infamous for spreading hate and extremism.

Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad Al Thani, along with his charitable group, EID charity, was banned by several countries in 2017. This particular charity was created in Doha back in 1995. Since then, it has managed to expand operations and is now active in 60 countries at least, one of which is Germany.

EID Charity is well known in Canada for being involved in the training of preachers and imams. As per an audit by Canadian authorities, the charity is influenced or controlled by Qatari EID Foundation which has been accused of being a supporter of terrorism.

There are other reports by American security experts which state that Turkey’s association with Qatar was for funding spread of dangerous extremist ideologies.

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