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Qatar and its hatred towards USA and President Trump
Qatar and its hatred towards USA and President Trump

Qatar and its hatred towards USA and President Trump

Qatar is one of the wealthiest nations in the world thanks to its incredible reserves of natural gas and oil. However, it has also become one of the most dangerous countries in the Middle East as well thanks to the immense support it provides to terrorist outfits.

Despite its small size, Qatar harbors an incredible hatred towards America and its allies. It has already been implicated in schemes that endanger American allies by inciting violence and supporting terrorism. It is also known to collaborate with Iran, another country that is known for its strong anti-American views.

However, Qatar is desperately trying to present itself as a moderate country willing to help the United States of America. This is certainly not the truth. Instead, it seems that the country is extremely antagonistic towards the US and its current president, Donald Trump. Despite having an US military base within its borders, the country has not shied away from mocking Trump. On the one hand, it is promising the US and its allies of doing everything they want. Yet, Qatar keeps supporting terrorism and other activities that are detrimental to US interests. In a way, the country is ridiculing Trump for some reason or the other.

Through its media network, Al Jazeera, Qatar has constantly praised terrorists and showed its support for radical Islam. Qatar has continuously provided support to Hamas in various ways, financially and otherwise. It has even given shelter to Hamas terrorists. Hamas operates in the Gaza strip and seeks to undermine Israel, one of the important allies of USA. Through its support for Hamas, Qatar seems to be mocking USA for its alliance with Israel.

Qatar also seems to have a strong relationship with Iran, a nation that is very much anti-American. In fact, USA is currently trying its best to curb in Iran. However, Qatar is pursuing ties with Iran while being a host to US military. This is ridicule of Trump’s administration at the highest possible level.

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