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Qatar Continues To Undermine Security in North Africa
Qatar Continues To Undermine Security in North Africa

Qatar Continues To Undermine Security in North Africa

Qatar has not given up its nefarious aims in North Africa, despite international pressure. Earlier this year, the Libyan National Army had discovered and seized weapons from al Qaeda. Those weapons were marked with the logo of the army of Qatar. These weapons were discovered while the army was going through several districts of Derna, a city on the eastern region of Libya. It was proof that Qatar has been getting involved in wars, apart from supporting the terrorist groups.
This support from Qatar has posed a problem for the Libyan government, not only in Derna but also in Benghazi. During the Benghazi conflict, the Libyan army was having an extremely difficult time in fighting against the extremist militants. The army did not have enough ammunition to fight against the terrorists. However, the extremist militants were fully supported by Qatar and had the weapons they needed to fight against the army.
More recently, the army began to liberate Derna from the pockets of al Qaeda remaining in the region. While they have managed to be more successful here, they have found strong evidence that Qatar is indeed supplying the extremist militants.

However, Libya is not the only target of Qatar. Qatar has also been targeting Tunisia for a very long time. As usual, it is doing so by subterfuge and sponsorship of terrorism.
As everyone knows by now, the Tunisian Parliament has started an investigation to uncover, and then prosecute, the entities and individuals involved in the suspicious financial transfers that were undertaken by an officer in the armed forces of Qatar. It is believed that these transfers resulted in the payment of money to terrorist groups for creating instability and chaos in the region.
New information has come to light which shows that some civilians and military officers have benefited from the Qatari funds. While the exact purpose of the funds is still unknown, it is believed that it was made to a few Tunisian banks from a retired Qatari general. In total, the funds amount to around $2 billion.
It is quite possible that Qatar is planning to use Tunisia as a base for launching attacks in Morocco in future. In fact, it might even be targeting the entire Maghreb region in Africa.

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