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Manchester bomber’s father knew Qatar-backed Islamist

The Manchester suicide bombing was certainly one of the most devastating attacks that London has suffered in recent years. The bombing resulted in the death of 22 people of which 7 were children. Recently, an important piece of information has come to light about the family of the suicide bomber, specifically the father of the bomber.

The father of the bomber is Ramadan Abedi. As per an old photograph, it has been discovered that Abedi knew Abdulhakim Belhaj, the infamous Libyan Islamist commander. More importantly, both of them had a meeting in Afghanistan with the Taliban in the mid-90s.

Abedi was known to be a member of the Libyan security services before he decided to defect in 1991. After that, he fought in Afghanistan. He even had a meeting with Osama bin Laden. Additionally, he also took part in a few operations held by Al Qaeda against the Soviet forces. Abedi stayed in Afghanistan till 1993.

Belhaj and Abedi were two of the leading members of the infamous Libya Islamic Fighting Group till 2008. In 2008, Libya offered an amnesty for the members of the movement which was affiliated with Al Qaeda. Belhaj has been designated by The UAE, Egypt Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain as a beneficiary of funding from Qatar. It is important to note that Qatar provided Belhaj with funding despite being an extremist.

As for Abedi, he was arrested after the attack in Manchester. It has been decided by the investigating authorities that Salman Abedi was not acting alone during his attack in Manchester. It is possible that others helped him in it.

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