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Mahathir Is Never a Good Choice for Malaysia’s Prime Minister

Mahathir Bin Mohamad, the former prime minister of Malaysia, has decided to run for the PM office once again. That is certainly not a good idea, considering the issues that he created when he was in power previously.

During his tenure as PM, Mahathir had introduced a program which ended up with a loss of RM10 billion. It is also believed that Mahathir was involved in the breach of trust case of Bumiputra Malaysia Finance Ltd back in 1983. This involved RM 2.5 billion. This was revealed in a CIA document that was declassified previously in 2018. He also made the government bail Malaysian Airlines out when it was on the edge of a liquidation crisis. Shockingly, he made the government buy 32% of the airlines’ share at RM 8 per share although the shares had dropped to RM3.68. Moreover, there has been no news on the the RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal. Not a single person accused has been convicted of the same till date.

Shockingly, Mahathir managed to remain in power despite all of these scandals. It is also important to remember that Mahathir ruled the country with an iron fist. He was authoritarian and managed to reduce the powers of the fourth estate. The press has failed to recover from that even today.

Mahathir is trying desperately to claw his way back into power. Currently, he is working with a coalition of opposition parties to force the current PM out of power. In order to ensure his victory, he has even resorted to publishing fake news against the current PM. However, steps have been taken to ban fake news so as to combat this issue.

This simply goes on to show that Mahathir is going to be a poor choice as a prime minister. Moreover, his authoritarian nature is certain to reassert itself and force the country into greater sorrows, if it continues.

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