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Iran is Even More Dangerous Than ISIS
Iran is Even More Dangerous Than ISIS

Iran is Even More Dangerous than ISIS

Iran might not appear to be as deadly as ISIS. After all, ISIS with their cruel authorization of sharia law and their reign of terror appears to be the exemplar of danger. However, the level of attention that ISIS receives in comparison to Iran makes the latter a justifiable world power. With Iran firing six ballistic missiles into Syria and aiming an Islamic State (ISIS) base, is making them the dangerous player of terror.

The reason why Iran is regarded to be dangerous is mentioned below:
<Iran Is the Largest State Sponsor of Terrorism in the World

<Iran a fully-established nation with a fully-functioning government, developed military forces; recently sent ballistic missiles to Syria. It has been supporting the rebels of Syria.

<Iran Is Being Funded By Europe

Since the signing of the nuclear agreement, European governments and businesses are trying to topple each other in order to strike profitable deals with the Ayatollah’ business partners. Since the
imposition of US sanctions on Iran, Europe has been trying hard to impede US President Trump.
Iran Is Allied with Turkey and Russia. Russia, Iran, and Turkey have formed a strong alliance in Syria. The alliance expands further the borders of war-torn countries. The alliance is allowing the ayatollahs to move ahead with their expansionist agenda.
Iran Is In Control of Foreign Governments The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah is a pawn of Iran. The military strength of the Hezbollah rebel is even more than the Lebanon army. After the US moved from Iraq, Iran entered the scene to control the military and economy of the country.
Iran Is a Brutal Sharia State, Yet a Legitimate World Actor. In spite of being managed by the sharia law, globally Iran is considered to be a legitimate world power. It forces women to wear hijabs, foreigners are kidnapped, and musicians and actors are thrown to jail.

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