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The Illusion of Freedom in Qatar
The Illusion of Freedom in Qatar

The Illusion of Freedom in Qatar

Qatar has become known for attacking the different Arab countries with the claim that they are dictators. However, it fails to realize that such a situation actually exists in its own country.
Qatar is led by the Emir and his ruling family who excel in controlling the media. It has also become normal for them to ensure that mouths remain shut. Tamim bin Al-Thani, the emir, and his royal family rule Qatar with an iron fist. The government is completely under their control and it does not let anyone criticize the royal family. If any person dares to speak out against the injustice of the system, he or she family and. According to the Qatari constitution, 30 seats of the 45-seat in the Council will be filled by elections. However, those elections have not occurred which means every member of that vital council has been appointed directly by the emir. This has further strengthened the control that he has over the government and then the nation.

Being a monarchy, no political parties are allowed to exist. As such, there is no opposition whatsoever to the emir’s decisions. This also means that there is a lack of transparency in the government decisions. Some reports say that most government roles are filled by people with personal connections to the emir.
As per the Qatari constitution, freedom of expression is guaranteed. However, that does not happen in reality. All media, broadcasted or printed, are influenced and controlled directly by the ruling family and the government. There is an incredibly high degree of censorship in the country, especially in journalism. Press offenses such as defamation are given strong punishments including prison sentences.

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