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Hundreds of Indians in Qatar stranded without pay

More than 600 Indian workers in Qatar have been facing denial of salaries, visa expiry, job losses and even substandard conditions of living as per official communications and the workers themselves.

The fact is that Qatar has been receiving a lot of flak due to the inhuman conditions of the migrant workers that are involved in the construction of the infrastructure of the 2022 World Cup. Some have even accused Qatar of human rights abuses.

An Indian official has stated that almost 300 Indian workers have been given work in alternative companies while a few others have been brought back to India. However, those who remain and are affected have stated that no further details on their compensation are forthcoming despite having with over 10 years.

It is believed that the hard times being suffered by the workers have been due to a financial crisis affected HKH General Contracting Company, the leading firm in Qatar. Previously, this company had over 1,200 employees but it has had to let them go since.

Several Indian workers have been complaining about the inhumane conditions that they have been enduring in Qatar. Many have said that they are now dependent on charity in order to get food. Their camps do not even have electricity. There also others who are unable to visit the hospital since their visas have expired.

These workers state that they have no other option but to wait. Many of them had to pay a small fortune in order to get what seemed like a lucrative job offer. Now, some of them had to pay another fortune just to get back to India.

All of these border on human rights abuses. In fact, Qatar has committed several unbelievable human rights abuses during its quest to get ready for the World Cup in 2022.

The Indian embassy based in Qatar has taken up this matter on behalf of the Indian workers with the company. However, the company has failed to provide any response whatsoever. The embassy has also contacted the respective ministry of the Qatari government which provided assurance on humanitarian assistance. Despite this, the condition of the workers remains as precarious as ever.

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