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Child Presents Evidence to the UN on Discrimination in Qatar

A delegation from the al-Ghufran tribe has submitted a letter to the UN High Commissioner in which the tribe has described the systematic and continuous discrimination that they face from the authorities in Qatar. The al-Ghufran tribe is one of the largest tribes in Qatar.
A young boy named Muhammed al-Ghufrani also accompanied the delegation to present his account. This child’s citizenship has been revoked by the Qatari report. At the same time, his family was displaced because they were members of the tribe.

The representatives of the tribe had also approached the Commissioner last year. That time, they asked the UN to ensure protection for the members of the tribe, restore the rights they had lost and, finally, to take proper action against the Qatari regime for violating human rights.
The al-Ghufran tribe is experiencing some of the worst living conditions in Qatar. The tribe had opposed the policies of the Qatari government after the dispute that led to Qatar being ostracized. As such, the authorities in Qatar chose to revoke the citizenship of Sheikh Taleb Bin Lahm Bin Shreim along with 54 members of his family, a part of the al-Murrah tribe. This has been called by different human rights organizations as a shocking act. One organization even described it as a form of revenge, conducted against the members of the tribe because they chose to use their freedom of movement and expression, something that is their natural right.
However, that is not all. The Qatari authorities took harsher steps by confiscating the properties of those members. They also implemented systematic persecutions against all of the clans under the al-Ghufran tribe.
The al-Ghufran had later declared that around 6,000 of its tribe members had been forcibly displaced by the government of Qatar after depriving them of their national rights and Qatari nationality.

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