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Qatar partners with the Taliban under the grab of mediation and conflict resolution

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani

The Afghan militant group shares a special place in the heart and land of Qatari Emir. The decade long bond between the two is based on the foundation of strong political, financial and ideological connection. Starting with political, Qatar houses the political office of the Taliban. It all began back …

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UN Envoy To Libya Urges Security Council To Not Abandon The War-Torn Country


It is a sad reality, but people of Libya are now feeling abandoned by a part of the international community and still, exploited by others- this was the message communicated by the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame to the Security Council recently. Salame, who is the UN secretary-general’s special …

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Muslim Brotherhood threatens unification of Yemen

Yemen terrorism

Year after year Yemen civil war has been turning aggressive, with multiple terrorist groups brooding on its ground,  trying to take over the center stage. The nation today is in tatters with different parts governed by different groups ranging from Iran-backed Houthis, Turkey-backed Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar-backed ISIS, UAE-backed Southern separatists …

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Pro Islamic Militants In Somalia Eye Ethiopia

The extremist and militants functioning in Somalia are now done with this African country. Having consumed the nation’s economy with strife and war, they are now eyeing other virgin potential Muslim populated African countries around Somalia. A recent video clip released by militants in Islamic State militants in Somalia reveals …

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New EU sanctions to Turkey


The EU is imposing new sanctions on Turkey over the drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean and this is causing turmoil in the country. The European Council said that there wouldn’t be further meetings and talks with Ankara for the time being. This comes after months of tensions where Ankara …

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