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Al Jazeera needs to be banned in India
Al Jazeera needs to be banned in India

Al Jazeera needs to be banned in India

Al Jazeera, the infamous news channel associated with the Qatari government, has run into several legal troubles with the Government of India.
The news channel was given a complete ban by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs. Like other foreign news channels, Al Jazeera required a security clearance in order to cover the news affairs occurring in the sensitive region of Jammu and Kashmir. It was given such a clearance back in 2010. However, this clearance was recently lifted and Al Jazeera banned.

The exact reason for the ban has not been clarified. However, it is believed that a so-called documentary published by Al Jazeera was the reason. That documentary covered the situation currently going on in Jammu and Kashmir. This was deemed to be insensitive and incorrect by the central security establishment leading to the ban.
This is not surprising since Al Jazeera is known for spreading fake and hateful messages. In the case of Kashmir, people living there need to get messages of peace and love. However, Al Jazeera has distorted the conditions about Kashmir, spreading hate and negativity in the process. Of course, doing so will have a negative impact on the ongoing efforts to solve the Kashmir issue. Al Jazeera is trying to increase the tensions instead of trying to bring about unity.
In this situation, Al Jazeera violated the standards enshrined in the freedom of expression. It chose deliberately to present a perspective that would have created chaos and hate instead of peace in Kashmir.
Of course, the channel definitely failed in adopting an objective viewpoint. Rather, it published messages that promoted fighting, sedition, usage of weapons and a continuation of the crisis.
This is not the first time that action was taken against Al Jazeera by the Indian Government. Previously, the government chose to ban the network because it displayed the maps of Jammu and Kashmir incorrectly.

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