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How the Al-Ghufran tribe suffered in Qatar
How the Al-Ghufran tribe suffered in Qatar

How the Al-Ghufran tribe suffered in Qatar

Members of the Al-Ghufran tribe are trying to get the United Nations to take note of their suffering in Qatar. This tribe was deliberatively targeted by the authorities in Qatar. Their Qatari nationality was revoked and they were tortured. Finally, they were forced and deported from Qatar. This kind of persecution has been systematically going on for over 22 years in Qatar.

One of the members of the tribe mentioned how his family was forced to leave Qatar in 1996. He has said that he simply wants his rights back. A 14-year child of the tribe also talked about how he was a stateless person and requested the United Nations to bring an end to this persecution so that he could go back to Qatar.

The delegation has been staging a protest in Geneva in front of the United Nations.

The suffering of the Al-Ghufran tribe started back in 1996 when a few of their members chose to voice their support for Sheikh Khalifa Al-Than. Sheikh Khalifa Al-Thani was the former emir of Qatar who had been deposed in 1995 by Hamad, his son. Hamad is the father of Sheikh Tamim, the current emir of Qatar.

Around 800 families of the Al-Ghufran tribe, which consists of over 6,000 members, had their citizenship removed and their property was confiscated. Most of these members are still stateless, living in Qatar and other countries in the Gulf. All of their rights including political and social have been taken away by the authorities in Qatar.

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